If you have purchased the paid version of McAfee consumer product, then your subscription will be automatically enrolled in the Auto-renewal program. This means McAfee subscription will be renewed automatically once it reaches expiry date. The renewal process will be followed by automatic deductions of charges from your credit card, to ensure the continued functioning of McAfee security.

For what purpose McAfee Auto-renewal is needed?

Auto-Renewal ensures that your device is protected and there are no interruptions in the safety services by your antivirus. Without auto-renewal, you would have to manually renew your subscription before the McAfee subscription period expires, or you would be left unprotected when your McAfee product license expires.

Auto-Renewal feature for all McAfee antivirus products.

If you subscribe to the paid version of McAfee products it will have the Auto-Renewal feature. However, once installed, you can turn it off and can proceed to renew manually. This feature is present in the antivirus software by default and the reason behind that is, McAfee does not want you to stay unprotected even for a short span.

Even then if you want to turn off the ‘Auto-Renewal’ feature, the query below will let you know the easy to follow steps to do so.

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How can you turn off the McAfee Auto-Renewal feature?

You can turn off the Auto-Renewal feature anytime, after the purchase. Steps –mentioned below will help you to turn off Auto-Renewal feature, and renew it manually:-

  1. Visit the McAfee homepage, home.mcafee.com.
  2. Now, click on the ‘My Account’ option.
  3. Click on the ‘Sign In;’ option.
  4. Now enter the credentials (email id and password) associated with the McAfee account.
  5. Click on the ‘Login’ option.
  6. Go back to the ‘My Account’ option, and then select the ‘Auto-Renewal’ settings.
  7. Now, review the ‘Uninterrupted protection’ screen. This will let you know whether the auto-renewal is turned off or not.
  8. In this step, you have to review your available options, and then click on the ‘Turn off’ option.
  9. Now, confirm your choice and click ‘Yes, turn it off’ option to proceed further.
  10. The auto-renewal is now turned off.

Note: – If you turn off the auto-renewal for McAfee subscription, then you will still receive an email before your subscription expires (few days prior to expire), which will remind you the time has come to renew the subscriptions.

Like every feature, McAfee Auto-renewal does have some policies, to be given a view. Such policies help you to stay protected, before the end of each subscription. Policies will ensure that that with such antivirus products your safety is the priority.

What is McAfee Auto-Renewal Policy?

  • Before the subscription ends, the McAfee will send you an email, which will remind you that Auto-renewal will take place.
  • In case you do not turn off the Auto-renewal feature, when the date for auto-renewal arrives, then you will be automatically renewed and charged for the subscription for successive another year.
  • McAfee’s annual subscription charges are subject to change.
  • The purchase receipt for McAfee’s product will be sent on your registered email id.

To conclude:-

McAfee Auto-renewal is a beneficial feature, which will ensure you to stay protected without any security hindrances. It is recommended, not to turn off the ‘Auto-Renewal’ feature, however, if you want to renew your subscription manually, you can choose to turn it off. The steps to turn off the subscription have been already discussed above in the article.

In case, you encounter some other issues related to McAfee Auto-renewal feature, you can contact the Support team via helpline number, available on the McAfee official website.

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