Whenever you think of online crimes, the most common thing that comes to your mind is your data being accessed and misused by the cybercriminals. The rate of using the internet is rapidly increasing and no wonder that these hackers have spied masses to hack their data. Many of you have become a victim of cyber attacks and cybercrimes. As a result of such cyber attacks, you might lose your trust in the internet or cyber activities quite often. You have started choosing your social media platforms, which you think are not affected by the cybercriminals, but in actual, no site is left untouched by the cybercriminals.

Whether you share your professional details or personal details online, you may feel secure in front of a screen, but that is not the reality. The data hackers are the real game-changers who can hack your details to misuse it for other purposes.


What information do you need to protect with McAfee?

Whenever you think about online privacy, you need to be worried about securing your credentials and financial data online. However, it is a little more complicated than ever. There are 2 categories of pieces of information that you share in your online life which requires safety-

  1. Personally-Identifying Information (PII) – The information includes your name, birthday, address and Medicare number or many other details related to your personal life.
  2. Non-Personally Identifying Information – The information comprises everything from your online activities to websites you visit. It’s a combination of some websites that you visit, you buy online, your online searches and the pages that you like on your social media profiles. Your online activities create a digital folder that contains your info and many companies love this data as they exploit them to send target-oriented ads and boost their sales. Have you ever wondered why you receive so many ads about your holiday destinations after a few wishful holiday Google searches?

If you don’t have sufficient online security then all your information about the activities you perform online can be collected and analyzed by third parties. In fact, data collected about you by websites can be very useful for sales purposes. Some of the companies known as data brokers as they use to collect and maintain data of millions of people and sell them to third party websites.

Why do you need to be worried about your online security?

Just think for a moment about some of the data that is stored online

  • Your PII is stored in the background of probably every online account that you have such as social media, news, and banking
  • Online banking, annuity and financial institution sites contain details of all your accounts and your net worth
  • Your health and taxation records may be accessible online which may contain sensitive information you would prefer not to be shared
  • If you haven’t disabled location services on your phone, your whereabouts can be tracked by clever parties on a daily basis
  • Your pictures and videos

While some of this information is stored without your control, there are steps you can take to secure your access.

How your daily online activity may result in data breaching?

  • Anything that you order online via a web browser can be recorded
  • Anytime you send an email with sensitive information, there is a risk this will also be shared
  • Anytime you pay online with the help of the facility like Apple Pay, your purchase will be tracked
  • Anything you search for, the articles you read, the movie tickets you buy and even your weekly online grocery order can be tracked

Concluding this, you can say that online data breaching has become a source of income for cybercriminals, and there is a rapid increase in their number day by day. However, installing McAfee is the perfect solution, with which you can secure your device and online data much before the virus attacks.