There is a myth that Mac operating systems do not need antivirus software. However, the majority of people now believe that in actuality Mac devices do need to have antivirus software so that the devices can stay protected for long.

It is seen that Macs are more secure than PC devices, which is due to certain OS aspects of being locked off and set to a mode where virus infiltration is blocked. However, this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get a virus on your Mac devices or your device is being hacked by suspicious malware attacks.

Mac OS is still more secure than the Windows OS but when it comes to secure your valuable data you don’t want to take any risk. The most recommended antivirus software is McAfee Internet security when it comes to secure any version of Mac OS. MacAfee antivirus software ensures you to have an extra layer of security between the virus and your data.

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Note: – It is important to change the McAfee Internet Security Preferences in your Mac device to build defensive layers for protecting your device from cyber attacks, viruses, and latest malware.

How can you change the Preferences for McAfee Internet Security in Mac 3.x version?

  1. Select and click on the ‘McAfee menu’ option, visible on-screen.
  2. The second step is to click on the ‘McAfee Internet Security Preferences’ option.

You can make the changes in the following page in Preferences settings:-

  • General page: – You can enable or disable the main features of Internet Security. McAfee does not allow you to disable these features.
  • Anti-malware:-  This page allows you to identify various virus scanning options such as ‘Real-time Scanning’, ‘Exclusions’ and ‘Scheduled and Manual scans’.
  • A page for ‘Application protection’:- With the help of this page, you can identify how Internet Security protects the applications with your work files and folders. There are 2 available options to make changes in this page: Rules and Exclusions.
  • Desktop firewall: – This page allows you to identify the Firewall preference which includes the advanced options for Firewall Logging, Stealth mode and Block Unknown Traffic.  These are 2 options included in the Desktop firewall: – Rules and Trusted Network. You can make a change in both in order to change the Preferences for Internet security software.

Note: – These modifications are only meant for the Preferences in Mac 3.x version. To know more about the details pertaining to McAfee Internet Security Preferences, you can visit the McAfee official page and follow the guidelines for Mac versions.

Wrapping up:-

In the end, I would like to bring the light on the fact that McAfee Internet security is essential for Mac devices. Like other Windows OS, Mac OS also needs to have antivirus, which will provide users complete protection from the latest virus and malware.

However, there are some changes in Preferences at the time of activating McAfee software, for which you need to be careful. The article above has already discussed the changes you have to make in the Preferences option for Mac 3.x version. In case, you have another version of Mac OS, you can visit the McAfee official website to get more details for the same.